Email marketing, social media, SEO keywords, these are all things a business needs to think about. Our fully integrated services keep everything in one place for easy control and monitoring. Need fliers for an event coming up or send out a special sales announcement for your existing customers? We can help with target marketing solutions ranging from traditional print marketing to social media.

  • Digital Media Planning
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Management

Email Marketing

No need to pay for a separate email marketing service, we include up 10,000 emails a month in our Online Business plans. Need more than that, very affordable upgrades can be added if necessary. We can help transfer your email lists from your existing service to our database.

With our integrated CRM, you can see the history of each customer. See what email campaigns they have received, what products they have purchased, their contact history for customer support. With this information you can create targeted email campaigns with just a few clicks.

Have a new product to announce, send out an announcement to everyone in your email list. Want to give any customer that has spent over $100 a loyal customer coupon? Our CRM helps run custom reports to filter your target audiences.

Social Media

Allow visitors to login using Facebook. Keep sign in convenient for your registered customers by offering them the ability to login with Facebook credentials to any “Members only” secure zone.

We provide tools like our Blogging engine so you can create and host your content on your domain, then share that content across whatever social media platform you wish. Build in modules to allow for Facebook comments and Twitter updates. Our platform is also flexible enough to adapt to whatever new social platform might be.

Social Management

Not sure where to start with you social media or which ones are right for you? We can help with everything from setting up and styling your social account to match your brand image to managing the posts and scheduling of posts. Know what you want to post to your blog but don't have the time or not much of a writer? We also provide copywriting services to help write your blog posts for you.

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