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Five Social Media Platforms You Can't Afford to Miss

by: Drew Elias on

Social Media Platforms

Diversity in your social media marketing strategy is about as important as diversity in your investment portfolio. Providing good content for an array of varying networks means that you are maximizing your efforts. While everyone knows of Facebook and Twitter, there are other platforms that may reach your niche corner of the market in unprecedented ways.

1. LinkedIn

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It is easy to glaze over this one. It seems more like a job board than a network for social media marketing. However listing your company on LinkedIn provides potential employees a way to look into your working environment. It is also a great way to connect B2B (business to business), fostering relationships with your vendors.

2. Pinterest

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While this audience is heavily skewed female, Pinterest is not just for crafts and honey-do lists. Time Magazine reports that women spend approximately 58% of online dollars. Pinterest users gobble up life hacks, infographics, artistic (non-traditional) product images and Must-Have-Items lists.

3. Vine

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This off-shoot of Twitter launched a revolution in digital video content; short form videos. Consider using the short 6-second videos as trailers to longer videos or content on your website.

4. Instagram

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Cameras are in nearly everyone's back pocket and Instagram is capitalizing on this. You should as well. Whether you've invested in professional product photography or you've experimented with your iPhone camera, both can receive equal appreciation.

5. Google+

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The social network that just will not fade quietly into the night, Google+ is worth maintaining for the SEO (search engine optimization) value alone. When someone Googles your company one of the first search results the search engine giant will return will be your Google+ page, populated or not. Capitalize on this and bring people directly to your site using Google as your launch pad.

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Drew Elias is the owner of eight2eight, a web studio located just outside of Washington, DC. He is passionate about teaching entrepreneurs and small business owners how to use the web to market their business. You can connect with him on Twitter@828Design or you can send him an email here.