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Beyond a Digital Brochure

by: Drew Elias on

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In a world driven by connectivity and social media, a company who expects to grow requires a website. In general the public feels that the fancier a company's website looks, the better the company is as a service or product provider. Truth aside, no matter how interactive or entrancing your company website seems, if all that coding ends up being a digital brochure, you've missed an opportunity that could pay out huge dividends if used properly through intuitive web design.

"Each click, hover and swipe on your company website is a potential gold mine of data about your customers."

Each click, hover and swipe on your company website is a potential gold mine of data about your customers. Each page visited, link clicked and product or service explored creates a snapshot of who you are reaching and where your marketing should point next. Targeted landing pages can serve to answer questions your potential customers had not yet realized they wanted to ask, building trust and rapport; both are key elements to a customer switching from browsing your offerings to actively shopping them.

Consider it this way. Two decades ago the first impression a customer created of your skill and viability in your field was your lobby, office space or consulting area or through direct interaction with your customer service or front line staff efforts. You might attract a handful of people into this space or interaction by passing out fliers on the street corner but you retained them by the person to person connection created in your physical space. In the digital age, your customers can choose to explore your company in their pajamas while binge-watching re-runs. As a business owner you must ask if your website is the guy on the sidewalk handing out fliers or that crucial front line effort that creates the right impression and fosters a desire to engage further.

To take your website from a digital brochure to a fully active tool for finding and retaining a solid customer base, contact us at eight2eight.

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Drew Elias is the owner of eight2eight, a web studio located just outside of Washington, DC. He is passionate about teaching entrepreneurs and small business owners how to use the web to market their business. You can connect with him on Twitter @828Design or you can send him an email here.