Professional Design Solutions

My name is Drew Elias and I’m the Founder of eight2eight.

I started eight2eight in 2008 with the goal of providing tailor-made, skillfully crafted designs for those unable to create them. My clients' passion and excitement drive my work and I love to help create their company's vision, whether it's a beautiful logo or a stunning trade show display.

Many of my clients were fed up with obstinate, short-tempered t-shirt press operators and rude print shop designers who belittled them for not understanding industry terms like "artwork bleed" and "cut vinyl." I saw no need in disparaging clients from other professions for not recognizing my profession's corporate speak, so I pledged to provide quality customer service and explain my processes on an understandable level.

With 15 years of experience in the field, ranging from large corporations to small companies, I have built a network of reliable contacts that trust the quality of my work and know I will provide excellent results. Over the last few years, many of my customers were inquiring about web design, not just from a building standpoint but also including online product sales, email marketing, blogging, and social media presence; all the essentials for operating a successfully-marketed business.

Virtually every client was articulating the same issue. The site had been built and what? Recognizing this pain point for my clients, I spent the past five years working with numerous online solutions. In this work I found the most frustrating part was how many different systems required management just to help run a client's business online. Many clients were juggling different companies for web hosting, email marketing, CRM (customer relationship management) solutions, eCommerce solutions, and reporting and analytics. Needless to say, through this process I became excellent at managing various systems in order to bring these businesses online.

eight2eight's solution is to provide business owners with an all-in-one service that can be managed from a single dashboard without requiring to have a background in web design. This allows business owners to focus on the most important thing, their business. eight2eight's industry-leading Online Business platform, combined with my knowledge of eCommerce and online marketing, allow eight2eight to create custom solutions for individual businesses.

The conversations I have with my clients still start the same ("The site is built and what?"), but now the conversation moves forward to taking their new design and using it across print, web, and media. Giving their company a unified and professional presence in the world.